Bringing Innovation to Field Service

With over 8 years of writing custom service apps, we’ve designed and implemented many field service solutions. As different challenges sprung up, we began to realize that many of the solutions were designed from the business office with the intent of controlling technicians more effectively.

Over the greater portion of those 8 years, we created customized software solutions to solve specific problems that our clients were in conflict with. However, with detailed industry experience from these objectives, we have translated each custom solution to one brand new software technology platform. All of those years of customizations, solutions, and industry knowledge are all placed directly within the latest Lexul Field Service Platform—which delivers easier use and access for technicians, efficient and seamless workflows, simplistic real time invoicing to enhance cash flow, and encourages workflow completion. 

field service performance management

Principles of Every Solution

Simplicity for Technicians

Allow easy access so technicians have any option to pull, find, and share knowledge in an instant.

Efficient Workflows

Promote smooth workflows by having one site survey to invoice on an intuitive platform.

Boost Profitability

Use real time invoicing to cultivate cash flow and complete the workflow process.

Customer Satisfaction

Keep customers satisfied by knowing and recording their details, while providing thorough work logs for trust and transparency.

100% USA Development & Support

When it comes to business critical software, we understand the importance of quality development and accessible support. That’s why all development and support is done in house at our Hancock, Michigan office.