Streamlining Field Service Data for Real Time Invoicing

From Field to Invoice

Collect every piece of information, from the right employee, every single time with Lexul Field Service. No more notepads or disconnected software. This grants and enables management and technicians with everything necessary for the job at hand—whether it’s documentation , job history, job performance, or photos. Add productivity, efficiency, and smoother workflow to boost your company.

Field Documentation

Access all information and documentation with the click of a button. Allows your technicians to see past history, notes, or any recorded data that is needful for the job at hand.

Field Service Gamification

Create natural incentive for your field service staff to perform quality work and documentation without the need for micromanagement or rigid workflows.

Performance Management

Assess the performance of your staff using customized metrics that align to your business goals. Ensuring that performance is not sacrificed with quality.

Real Time Invoicing

Effortless invoice on job completion through Quickbooks integrations to improve cashflow.

Customer Engagement & Satisfaction

Nurture customer engagement and use customer sentiment as a key metric for employee performance.

Customer Portal

Use data accessibility as a competitive advantage by providing customers with easy access to service history.