Founded in 2014, Lexul began as a general software development company. We quickly focused our expertise in field services related software. Over the years, the two primary challenges of custom software have emerged – custom software has many repetitive features and in general it is costly to maintain.

To solve this, we developed our Lexul Platform. It is the framework for our mobile and web apps which encompasses 75% of the functionality for most field service applications. Instead of developing common features for each client [such as authentication, Excel exports, etc.] we can focus our development time on client-specific functionality. This ultimately concentrates client development dollars on the highest value functionalities – mainly reporting and analysis.

Our History

The Beginning

Started in 2014, we entered the internet business by offering web design and “smart” websites. Our target market was businesses that needed a little more “intelligence” in their website – more than just a static page.

What We Learned

There’s a lot of competition in the web design industry. Many companies sacrifice quality to be more price competitive. We didn’t want to sacrifice quality so we began to shift our focus away from general web development.

Key Personnel

Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of our company, and the feature that most differentiates us from all the rest, is our people. Our team is a combination of senior development staff and University Interns from Michigan Technological University. In business software development, we have found that the biggest challenges are logical and analytical, not in conceptual programming. Our interns are highly motivated to prove themselves, have excellent aptitude, and work under the supervision of a senior developer for quality assurance.

Eric Ollis


Keith Atkinson

Lead Developer