Streamlining Field Service Data for Real Time Invoicing.

Provide your techs with the right software to do every job with accuracy, every single time, and collect invoices in an instant with ease.

Have all the proper documentation and data in one single place, with every work order, every single time.

Create an environment for a smoother workflow and more efficient invoicing by ensuring your tech collects everything on site needed for invoicing.

Intuitive and simple to use, helping technicians meet the needs and requirements of the customer to limit call backs.

Turn your technicians into quick sales representatives while on the job–without it being a burden.

Tech Arrives Informed

Technicians will arrive with all job details before they begin to work. Everything from office arrival notes, door codes, addresses, phone numbers, and contact information.

Tailored Inspections

Create customized pre service and post service inspection questions based upon the service that is being performed. No more lengthy, crinkled paper and pen inspection sheets.

Detailed Service

Choose from a service list and parts catalog and pick from any imported assorted part or product. Then add them to your work order in a tap.

On-Site Customer Approval

Make sure the service is completed properly, and you were on the job site by an e-signature from the manager on duty to close the service portion of the work order.

Real Time Invoicing

Realtime Invoicing as soon as the job is complete through a QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online integration. Effortlessly invoice daily, instead of weekly or monthly.

From Field to Invoice

Collect every piece of information, from the right employee, every single time with Lexul Field Service. No more notepads or disconnected software. This grants and enables management and technicians with everything necessary for the job at hand. Truly discover the power and value of Lexul Field Service, and get started today!